We facilitate and provide services
for further strengthening your organization 2~200 people

We communicate with client organizations to fully understand objectives.
We implement programs of people/organization development and provide follow up progress on request.

Organization Development Process

Action Research

Communication is important throughout the process.

Data gathering

Listening / questionnaire /
discussion / research

Analysis / Diagnosis

Analysis of the data gathered

Feedback / Discussion

Feedback on the results of analysis
Discussion on Action Plan


Agreement on Action Plan


Implementation of Action Plans


Revision / reinforcement /
further improvement

Program – Example

For companies / organizational units
Setting goals that are living in your day-to-day work

To realize vision/strategy, we need to have goals.
Are the goals inspiring?
Do the goals stand in the vicinity not far removed from reality?
Are we growing together in the process of goal achievement?
Are we celebrating success?


  • Goal ownership – understanding the value of goals, what they mean to us.
  • Importance of teamwork and support mechanism
  • Power of the team to achieve challenging goals
Effective Action Plans for goal achievement

An Action Plan is the “road” to reach a goal.
Focusing on critical issues and high priority tasks?
Exercising out of the box thinking?
Good teamwork and cooperation?


  • Action Plan focusing on CSFs
  • Result Image
  • Transparency of goal-action plan
  • Team synergy, development of people and organization
Competency Model

A competency model can be an effective tool for people and leadership development, appraisal, promotion criteria and hiring process.
Is there a sense of fairness in assessment, promotion, the right person for the right position?
Is the competency model, as a communication tool and guidance for business performance, living in daily work-life?


  • Preparation of a competency model as a guidance for high performance, people development and appraisal criteria
  • Implementation of a competency model as a living tool in daily work-life
  • Developing competency through coaching
Multi-rater (360 degree) assessment and feedback

The higher the position you are in, the more exposure you will face in your surroundings in each action and behavior.
What you do naturally may be evaluated highly. On the other hand, there might be things that you are not aware of but are perceived negatively by others. In an extreme case, you could be ‘the emperor who had no clothes’.
Multi-rater assessment and feedback gives you an opportunity to see yourself like your face reflected in the mirror. It gives you a hint of how you can be more effective as a leader. It also provides you with the ideas of the specific area you should focus on for your personal development.
For an executive coaching, multi-rater assessment and feedback can be a valuable source of information at the start of the coaching process.


  • Multi-rater assessment, by the subordinates, superiors, peers, (optional: customer) + self-assessment
  • Feedback – coaching
  • Preparation of action plan for further improvement on the leadership competencies (upon request)
Assessment for talent development, recruitment and promotion

A leader is responsible for organizational effectiveness and people development. Inevitably a leader has influence on the climate and culture of the organization. For this reason, the right person for the right job is so important when it comes to the leadership position. A leadership-competency assessment will provide a good insight into the sound judgement on promotion and selection.
Are future leaders developing?
Are the judgements on promotion and selection supported and accepted by people in the organization?
Does the assessment cover sufficiently the human aspects, on top of technical skills and knowledge?
Does the individual development plan focus on personal strength and improvement opportunities that are unique to the individual by a fair competency assessment?


  • Review required technical skills and knowledge
  • Leadership-competency assessment, including teamwork, self-control, communication and influencing, integrity, interpersonal understanding, trust and respect
  • Assessment report and feedback
  • Preparation of an action plan for further improvement on the leadership competencies (upon request)
Leadership development workshop – Diversity of talent in synergy creating power in organizations

As an old proverb says, “geographical advantage cannot match the power of people united.” Team Synergy creates power of organization.
A good leader has good foresight and an ability to lead people to achieve vision/goals.
A great leader
▪ says “We” and “You”, rather than “I” for achievements
▪ facilitates organization development through effective change management
▪ are happy to see super-growth of people as his/her successor


  • Leadership competencies
  • Team Synergy
  • Importance of Communication
  • Change Management
  • Critical Success Factors / challenging spirit
  • That moment when the whole team switches on
For a team / individual
Communication skills for managing and exceeding expectation

What actually happens, as compared with ‘expectations’, influences people’s feeling. Happy or sad, trustful or distrustful, comfortable or upset. We can exceed expectations by managing expectations.
How accurate is your understanding about expectations of others?
Is the reality up to the expectation of others?
Are risks communicated effectively in advance?


  • Benefits of ‘Exceeding Expectation’
  • Communication skill to understand accurately what others expect
  • ‘Expectation’ management
Employment interview skill training

An interview is a time-limited process. How do we get the best out of an interview to make a good hiring decision? Often, the interviewing skill training gets less attention than it deserves.
Getting a sufficient amount of information that is appropriate for a hiring decision?
Gathering a sufficient amount of information about what did he/she achieve rather than what will he/she achieve?
Probing demonstrated competencies in the process of achieving goals?
Exploring emotional intelligence?


  • Creating space in which the interviewee is relaxed and motivated to speak
  • Probing into achievements, the actions and thinking behind, and the impact it made in the organization
  • Probing questions to analyze the competencies that have led to the achievement
  • Analyzing unspoken languages
  • Probing into the human aspect
Executive Coaching (leadership competency assessment in conjunction with the executive coaching is optional)

“A team is a mirror that reflects the leader’s human nature.” – Kazuo Inamori
This saying by Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyocera Corp., holds surprisingly true in organizations. As time passes, good or bad, organization is possessed by the leader’s human nature.
The higher you go up in the organization hierarchy, the higher the influences you give to the organization. As an executive, you are required to have a high level negotiation skill and forced to make difficult decisions from time to time. It is a lonely business, similar to an elite athlete, at the top. As coaching benefits top athletes, executive coaching can help a leader to realize and learn about the leadership effectiveness, which otherwise is difficult to manage alone.


  • Self analysis – how your leadership is seen by others
  • Viewing your work and life
  • Your leadership style
  • Your value/strength/aspiration
  • Viewing a situation from various perspectives
  • Priority and focus
  • Alternatives and selection
  • Further improving opportunities
Coaching / Competency Assessment / Support for planning and implementing personal development plan

Our vision is to create organizational culture that enables
▪ people working actively for goals that are living in their day-to-day work life
▪ people performing to the best of their ability
▪ diverse talent working in synergy.
Happiness in workplace is influenced by motivation, human relations, performance and personal development. For this reason, we welcome inquiries from individuals and provide services at reasonable prices, after free of charge consultation.


  • Coaching for: human relations, carrier planning, making a better choice, decision making, a new dimension of life, etc.
  • Competency assessment and feedback coaching
  • Support for planning and implementing personal development plan
  • Coaching skill training