Our Mission

Our mission

It is our mission to create organizations that excel in diversity of talent working in synergy. We develop and provide organization & HR development programs for client organizations.

Diversity of Talent in synergy
creating Power in Organizations


The human body is an organization in itself. A group of cells forms tissue, like muscle, which has a function to perform. Tissue working together to do a certain job are called organs, such as the heart. A group of organs working together for a more complex and larger scale jobs is called an organ system, like the respiratory system. Organ systems are different in shape and characteristics but they have an amazing cooperation mechanism inside and outside.

The same is true in a business organization. A team is made up of people working together for particular tasks. Teams make up an organization to perform jobs and achieve goals. Just like the human body, cooperation mechanism is so important to maintain a healthy and productive organization. The emotion of each person collectively determines the organizational culture and influences the health of the organization, the same as the relationship between our body and emotions.

An organization without vision and goals will lose the meaning of its existence. If vision and goals are “living” in an organization, it is enjoyable to work, working together and growing together.

Team Building

The Earth is an enormous organ system. Does the advancement of science and technologies destroy the earth or make it an even more beautiful place to live? Our future depends on our vision and goals and how we live with them in our daily life.

The same is true with business organizations. Vision and goals, living in our daily work-life, determine the future of an organization. Ego conflict spoils energy and motivation of the people in the organization. Many sophisticated people in the organization does not guarantee the power of the organization. The more clever people are, the more serious the damage ego conflict will cause.

In the world, people and work are becoming more sophisticated than ever, we believe team synergy is a key to organizational effectiveness.


To improve in team synergy, we need to do well in our endeavor to improve mutual empathy and empowerment. This involves understanding each other, helping each other, openness with others and celebrating success.

Ego-driven behaviors and unproductive conflicts discourage people, and ability diminishes far below the best. On the other hand, recognition, trust, support, empowerment, coupled with effective coaching can unleash talent and potential. This yields performance far exceeding expectation.

This is the cornerstone of our vision, programs and services in INGENUITY.

Positive cycle for people
and organization development

Diversity of Talent
in synergy
creating Power

Feel happy and rewarded in daily work-life

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Customer Trust
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Good financial health

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